Brush up on all the latest news that Raleigh has to offer below along with events and more below.

First, today’s weather:

Mostly sunny and humid. High: 82 Low: 62.

Here are the top stories today in Raleigh:

  1. The State Department of Transportation has announced that the portion of Campbell Road that was washed out from weekend storms will take six months to repair. A DOT spokesperson said that crews will need to replace and upsize a pipe under the road. Nearby residents had concerns during the pandemic, and as new developments came to the area there was more pressure on the pipes. (WRAL)
  2. Another scam has come to light that has been preying on North Carolina residents. Scammers have been posing as legitimate businesses offering loans. The warning sign that your offer might be a scam is if the lender does not require a credit check. They use that as a selling point, but will require “insurance money” for the loan. Other ways to identify the loan is a scam include pressure to act immediately, guaranteed approval, or unsecure websites. (WNCT9)
  3. Safety inspectors were set to examine the nearly 100 rides that the NC State Fair is offering yesterday. The ride inspectors certify the amusement devices that meet manufacturer’s specifications 100%. If a ride does not pass inspection it will not be able to open to the public. After inspection it is up to the owner and operator to run the ride under the requirements of the law, and each ride will be inspected at least once daily. (

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