study ranks the 10 apps where people are being scammed the most in 2021 and Facebook came in at No. 1.

A record $4.2 billion was lost to online scams in 2020 and Arizona is the No.16 most-scammed state with victims losing 72 million.

Scammers have grown more sophisticated attacking people where they least expect it.

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The top 10 consists of two social media platforms, two messenger services, one popular online game and five dating apps. released a study on the State of Internet Scams 2021 using 2021 data from the FBI, IC3 and FTC.

A poll of 726 online scam victims from 2021 was conducted as part of the study to find out where most scams are taking place.

The top 10 apps were led by Facebook with 152 victims, Google Hangouts with 99 victims, Instagram with 80, WhatsApp and Plenty of Fish had 50 each. Match, OurTime, Zoosk, Words With Friends and Tinder round out the top 10.

5 Most-Scammed Apps of 2021, Top Scams to Avoid on Each: 

1. Facebook, Account Cloning: Scammers use the photos and information on your public profile to create a replica account. They ask your friends and family for money and send them malicious links that if clicked can steal their personal and financial information leading to identity theft and financial ruin.

How to Avoid: Search for yourself regularly on the app and in search engines. If you become aware of a clone account, warn your friends and…

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