Australians have been warned to be on guard against a new scam using CommBank signage. (Images: Getty).

Australians have been warned of a new scam using Commonwealth Bank signage which attempts to lure victims into sharing personal and financial details.

Security firm targeting as many as 16 million Commonwealth Bank customers, noting that it’s the second time in weeks that scammers have posed as the major ban.

In both scams, the fraudsters attempted to harvest victims’ customer account information and credit card details.

What CommBank customers need to watch out for

This latest scam comes in the form of an email with a subject line containing an ‘Electronic Ticket’ number which appears to correspond to an alert from the customer’s NetBank account.

The body of the email warns the victim that they have a ‘Financial Statement’ ready to access, which they can do so by clicking a link.

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However, while the sender appears to be ‘NetBank’, the email has actually been sent from scammers. The senders’ email addresses will contain domain names that are not linked to the Commonwealth Bank, which is one of the first signs that this is a scam.

Once the victims click on the link, they are taken to a page that looks like NetBank and are then required to enter their client number and password to access the statement.

After ‘logging in’, the victim is asked to provide credit card verification.

“In addition to branding, details such…

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