It is “That Time of Year Again” in the Hudson Valley. Yep, the leaves are falling and you need to protect your driveway from all that the winter has coming at it, salt, snow, shovels, and plows. So what do you do?

You look into getting your driveway sealed. I ‘look into it’ about this time every year, and I always say I am going to do it myself, then I remember how heavy those buckets of ‘tar’ are and I shelve the task. .

So, isn’t it awesome when someone shows up at your door, offering to do the job for you for a very low price? How do you keep yourself from being scammed? How do you know that they are just not going to take the money and run?

The Ulster County District Attorney’s Division of Consumer Affairs offers us up some advice, here are things you need to do:

  • Don’t let the person pressure you into getting it done, right then. You know the ‘ol I have some left over from doing your neighbors driveway, I will give you a deal’ type thing. Tell them you are heading out and you want to schedule it for another time.
  • Get how much it is going to cost, on a piece of paper, in advance. Also get their name, the name of the person doing the job is good, but better if you can also get the name of the company doing the work. Ask to see a photo ID.
  • When possible, get a second (or third company) to give you an estimate. Most places won’t charge you for the estimate, and if they do, is the charge just a few dollars and can you take it off the full bill if you decide to go with…

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