The world may be in turmoil but there are plenty of ways to protect your money. No matter what’s happening with the economy, you can create a plan that safeguards you against unexpected hits. Here’s how.

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1. Be on the lookout for scam artists

Scam artists are ever-present, but even more so when times get tough. The following steps represent fast, easy ways to stay atop your finances, even as crooks are trying to separate you from your money:

  • Don’t click on attachments or links sent by unknown sources. Some scammers include viruses that will scan your computer and send them everything they need — all without you even realizing they’ve been snooping around your computer.
  • Never give out your Social Security number, driver’s license number, or other personal information. Even if someone calls claiming to be from your doctor’s office or the IRS, don’t fall for the old “We need your Social Security number to process this claim” trick.
  • Check your bank account daily. It takes less than…

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