Delhi Police’s Cyber Cell in joint operation with their Pune counterparts bust racket

The Delhi Police’s Cyber Cell in a joint operation with its Pune counterparts busted an online cheating scam and arrested five men from Rajasthan, the police said on Tuesday.

The accused used to dupe victims by sending them fake messages of the paid amount which used to be much higher than the amount quoted, and would later demand a refund, the police said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber Cell) K.P.S. Malhotra said that the accused have been identified as H. Meena, 23, A.K. Meena, 22, B.L. Meena, 32, R. Meena, 23, H.M. Meena, 23, all from Rajasthan and were arrested from Jaipur.

The police said a Pune resident filed a complaint with the Pune Cyber Cell saying that she gives online classes for which she gets fees through Google Pay. On November 11, one of the participants, Muskan Meena, contacted her on Instagram and said that she wanted to attend her class and asked about the fee payment. The victim said that fees is ₹1,800 per month. The accused then sent a screenshot of payment of ₹18,000 on Google Pay and asked her to refund ₹16,200.

Without checking her account, the victim returned the alleged excess amount to the accused via Google Pay and later realised that she had been cheated. A case was registered and probe was initiated.

During investigation, the accused, Muskan Meena, had provided her address of Dwarka in Delhi. The Pune police then contacted Delhi Police’s…

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