SHOPPERS have been urged to watch out for scams ahead of Black Friday as a number of possible frauds sweep the internet.

The busy shopping day will take place on November 26, with banks warning customers to be vigilant in the build-up to the bargains.


Shoppers need to be vigilant to avoid scams and phishing attemptsCredit: Getty

A representative from HSBC told Wales Online that one of the most common new scams is an Authorized Push Payment, or APP scam.

The criminal will pose as a business or a person, and trick victims into sending money directly to the fraudulent bank account.

Be on the lookout for unfamiliar invoices in your inbox during the holiday season.

And if you receive an email from a friend or family member asking to spot them cash for a great Black Friday deal, don’t pay them without getting on the phone double-checking the recipient and amount.

There’s a good chance a fraudster could’ve spoofed their email and tried to trick you into authorizing a direct payment.

Another scam to look out for is a gift card generator that actually steals cryptocurrency from unsuspecting victims.

Researchers at the cybersecurity firm Fortinet found a piece of malware titled “Amazon Gift Tool.exe” which is being promoted as a gift card generator, according to ZDNet.

But, malicious software is downloaded if victims click the link.

Researchers at FortiGuard Labs warned that if victims try to copy and paste their wallet address, then the malware overwrites it…

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