AMERICANS traveling this Thanksgiving have been warned that they could face having their banking information and identities stolen.

Hackers have been reportedly gearing up for this holiday season with phishing scams targeting TSA PreCheck members and Black Friday shoppers.


Hackers have been targeting those traveling over the festive periodCredit: AP
There are a number of ways to protect yourself during the holidays


There are a number of ways to protect yourself during the holidaysCredit: Alamy

With travelers moving from one location to the next without a secure and private connection, keeping personal data safe is nearly impossible.

But there are ways to protect your information.

Below experts have shared key ways to keep your information secure this holiday season.

Check web address

Crane Hassold, the Director of Threat Intelligence at Abnormal Security, recently told Forbes about a new scam targeting travelers that caught his eye.

Ahead of the holiday season, a fake TSA email has been making the rounds asking travelers to fill out a form with their personal details and to make a payment.

However, the site the email was sent from is owned by a scammer in Bulgaria who receives the money and personal information.

You can spot a phony email checking the web address the email brings you to.

“Consumers should always verify that the web address they are visiting to register for TSA PreCheck ends in ‘.gov,’ a TSA spokesperson told Forbes.

“Any website that claims to allow consumers to register for TSA PreCheck that does not end in…

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