From the comfort of your room, you can buy a jumpsuit or a smartphone from a store that is halfway across the world. Press a few buttons and you can get it delivered to your doorstep.

Unfortunately, this comfort comes with a lot of risks. Among the thousands of legitimate products you’ll find at an online retail store, tucked somewhere in between are scam products. And it’s easy to fall prey.

Here are some great tips to tell scam products from legit ones when shopping online.

1. Research the Product Name

The easiest way to spot a fake product is through an old-fashioned Google search. If someone has had an unfavourable experience with a product and wrote about it, there’s a good chance Google has picked it up.

Look up the product title and then repeat with different variations of the name. If no information comes up about a product, it’s not a good sign. It could mean it’s unheard of or goes by a made-up name.

When looking up the product on a search engine, type the name alongside that of the vendor. This will help search engines narrow down your search to that store. A legitimate product name could be used to market a fake product. However, if the vendor has a history of scams, adding the vendor’s name should make things much clearer.


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