People spread rumors about things that they don’t really understand. If you listen closely, you note that those who bash yoga have never been into a yoga studio, culture-haters have none of their own, and online casino haters have never played a single game. They probably do not know anything about those games anyway. So, why do those rumors spread so fast and wild? Because, as a wise person once said, “a lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”

While you think of some of the lies you have heard about this industry, here are some of the most prominent.

Online Gaming is Illegal

There are several sites without proper licensing, but you will know before you even proceed if you are keen. Operators are required to include their license number on the site’s homepage for users to check. When you check into a casino online Switzerland, read reviews too to see whether some gamers thing it is a scam or not. Only a handful sites are illegal and they are quite easy to tell apart from the genuine ones.

One Game is Enough to Get you Addicted

It takes more than a few games to become addicted. You also have to derive a decent percentage of your income from this to make it a daily habit that should worry those around you. Most sites have toll-free numbers for addicts and they also follow some guidelines that help them know when you are in trouble. Gamers have a responsibility to gamble sensibly.

Online Gambling Makes you a Loner

You are not…

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