Since it originally came out in 2013, Game Dev Tycoon has entertained fans and lovers of tycoon games for hundreds of hours. Rightly so really, it takes everything gamers enjoy and combines it into an easy to play but rather strategic game that players often have to work hard when trying to succeed.

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Ultimately, some tycoon games are easy to succeed in, whereas others require a fair amount of know-how and understanding. So if you’re struggling to be successful, look no further than these top tips.

Balance Is Key

Game Dev Tycoon Balancing employees in the office

As it is with a lot of business and tycoon games, you need to be prioritizing the balance of your company, your employees, and your own character. It’s best to keep a good balance between your Tech and Design employees, preferably having two on full Design, two on full Tech then two that are perfectly balanced.

This will enable you to be the best at the design and tech aspects of the game as well as allowing for the other aspects to stay afloat too. Try to balance out your own character as best as you can…

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