ABC Radio Brisbane breakfast co-host Loretta Ryan is warning people not to trust any Facebook profile claiming to be her after her photos were stolen for a fake account used to scam listeners’ personal details. 

Ryan said she felt “sick to her stomach” at the idea that her personal details had potentially been used to scam listeners.

The ABC social media team reported the fake profile to Facebook and it was removed on Monday, but another account using Ryan’s photos continued sharing ABC Brisbane content and advertised a fake prize on Tuesday morning.

Scam warning

Ryan thanked ABC Radio Brisbane listeners who alerted her to the fake profile.

“I’ve also, unfortunately, had messages from people who have clicked on the link, thinking that it was ridgy-didge, and given their details and then had to go to their bank,” Ryan said.

Ryan said the incident was “frightening” as the relatively sophisticated scammers shared multiple posts from the ABC Radio Brisbane Facebook page, used photos of herself and her co-host Craig Zonca to add legitimacy to the scam, and thanked people for their support.

“But the trouble is,…

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