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New York, New York

People may be prepared to battle traffic on the roads this holiday season, but for many, there’s one extra errand they are completing before they gather.

The scramble is on to get a, hopefully, negative COVID-19 test even for the vaccinated. And with demand increasing, increased traffic at COVID-19 testing centers is to be expected.

“We are visiting family, and because we were on a plane, [we tested] just for precaution,” Graciela Hendel, who was getting tested inside a West Village, New York clinic, said.

Michaela Vira, a ZipCar medical assistant, said the location has been “pretty busy.”

“We’ve been having a lot of families come in for school and traveling visiting grandparents — just to be safe,” she said.

New York City health officials said last week that testing would add an extra layer of precaution ahead of gatherings, even for those who are vaccinated.

A PCR lab test can take a day or two to come back, but some studies suggest it may be a bit more accurate than those 15- to 20-minute rapid tests if you don’t have symptoms. However, with people scrambling out for the holidays, faster results may be the necessity.

City health officials…

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