Jack-Jack ran away from home Oct. 27 and scammers started contacting the woman soon after she posted about the missing dog online.

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas — It’s been almost a month since a Pflugerville woman’s dog ran away from home.

The month has been filled with stress trying to find the 17-year-old dog who has early stages of dementia because she’s also had to deal with scammers.

Sasha Aghili said she quickly got online to share pictures and get her phone number out there in case anyone saw Jack-Jack.

He walked away from home in “The Park at Blackhawk” neighborhood in Pflugerville one windy day in late October. Aghili said the door blew open and Jack-Jack left without anyone noticing.

The family has been looking for him ever since and she posted on nearly a dozen different sites, including Facebook and Craigslist, to get the word out.

Within hours of posting, she started getting calls from people claiming to have her dog.

“They say, ‘Are you still missing your dog?’ I say, ‘Yes.’…

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