The records of 40 acres of government land in Malir have been forged, according to the Deputy Commissioner. That land has been appropriated by builders who have now started or completed 16 housing projects in the area.

The land records were changed in back dates and construction on the new projects took place recently in Deh Mehran in District Malir. The DC sent the list to the secretary of the Land Utilisation Department. People are being invited to invest in these apartments and put down money for bookings. But they are built on illegally acquired government land.

A senior Board of Revenue official, Shams Soomro, expressed anger when SAMAA TV contacted him about the case. He said that the DC Malir does not have the power to point out such projects. Soomro has previously held the post of Sindh Building Control Authority director general.

How land records were changed

The deputy commissioner in a letter, dated September 3, 2021, to the Sindh Land Utilization Department Secretary said that Sector-40 of Scheme-33 in Deh Mehran was reassigned to Mehran Town of sub-division Airport in district Malir from Deh Dozan of district East. He said “bogus” entries were “interpolated” in the Village Form II in back-dates after the reassignment.

According to the deputy commissioner, the first bogus entry was the entry No. 105 in the VF II for 40 acres of land in Scheme-33. The entry was dated February 21, 1998 and afterwards, using another “bogus”…

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