LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Tuesday reissued consumer alerts related to housing scams following reported instances of “bad actors taking advantage of unsuspecting Detroit residents.”

Last week, NBC News and Outlier Media published findings from a four-month investigation focused on the “fake landlord” scam in the city.

The report notes that in some cases, “people who have lost their house to foreclosure have kept collecting rent from tenants without letting on that they’re no longer the landlord. In others, con artists have broken into vacant houses, changed the locks, listed them for sale or rent, then collected payments from victims. Some fake sellers have even filed false deeds to make fake sales look legitimate, lawyers and experts say.”

“I was appalled and saddened to read the hardship these victims are facing at the hands of scam artists who target tenants,” Nessel said. “The best way to prevent a scam from happening is to know the red flags to look for, so you can spot them before a bad actor tries to take advantage of you or someone you know. It’s also important to remember my team is ready to investigate consumer complaints. We just need help from the public in reporting suspected scams.”

The attorney general’s Home Lending and Foreclosure Rescue Scams Consumer Alert highlights ways scam artists have targeted consumers in danger of losing their homes or homeowners who have equity in their homes but not cash….

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