A North London charity has released warnings of the latest scams targeting the elderly community.

The Barnet branch of national charity Age UK has warned of a variety of intricate scams which attempt to steal money or possessions from older residents.

Many of these worsened during the pandemic, with criminals taking advantage of vulnerable people in a confusing and dangerous time.

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Read on for details of all the ways scammers are attempting to exploit the elderly community.

Scammers have pretended to be working for the police, the NHS and more

Fake NHS Covid pass email and texts

Criminals exploited the pandemic from March 2020 to scam vulnerable people out of money and their personal details.

Soon, scammers went a step further and targeted elderly residents by pretending to be NHS workers.

These scams send lookalike NHS emails and texts, and sometimes ask residents to pay for a Covid pass.

Age UK remind residents that the NHS will never ask for money for Covid passes or booster jabs.

Fake Primark gift cards

Gift card scams have been rapidly increasing, and Age UK said many elderly residents have been scammed out of money.

One example is phishing emails promising ‘Primark Rewards’, and asking people to ‘activate the delivery’ for the gift cards.

The charity warns people not to click on links if they seem suspicious.

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