ALTAMONT — Altamont police are warning village residents to be on the lookout for mail from PNC Bank because its contents could contain debit or credit cards fraudulently applied for in their names. 

Chief Jason Johnston said the scam appears to have something “to do with some sort of special that [PNC] is running where people get money for opening accounts.”

What happens, Johnston said, is the scammers will open an account with PNC Bank using a stolen identity. PNC will then send the person whose identity was stolen a real debit or credit card. The scam is PNC pays people for opening the account, and the scammer takes the money that is supposed to go to the person whose identity was stolen. 

While Johnston hasn’t confirmed the financial incentive as the reason for the scam, he said that’s the theory he’s heard from other law-enforcement agencies that have dealt with the same issue. And he cautioned that his description of the scam wasn’t definitive, but he wanted “the residents in the village of Altamont to be saved from it.”

PNC Bank did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

“Thankfully, as of this point, it doesn’t look like any of the residents of Altamont have suffered any financial loss here,” Johnston said. It’s still identity theft though, because people’s identities are being used to open the accounts, the chief said.

“So the victim is actually PNC Bank, people are defrauding them, but they’re using actual people’s…

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