£15.4million was stolen by scammers during the last holiday season and as Black Friday looms consumers should be “extra vigilant”. With Amazon recently announcing the move to stop accepting Visa credit cards, blaming the rising fees they faced being charged, NatWest has warned that scammers could exploit the situation.

However, consumers should be wary of any emails they receive from Amazon or other eCommerce platforms they are subscribed to asking them to update or change their payment details.

NatWest advised that rather than sending the updated details through the email as might be suggested, people should make the changes directly on their Amazon account.

Additionally, phone calls supposedly from Amazon asking for personal details, financial information or to update payment details should be hung up on immediately. 

This method of scamming victims is becoming increasingly popular by fraudsters, who impersonate trusted brands like Amazon.


In light of the upcoming expensive holiday season, consumers are reminded that they should be vigilant especially with messages from trusted brands and on social media.

Between September 1 and November 22 last year, Facebook Marketplace was the most reported site for scams with Instagram coming in second place, according to data published by NatWest.

The most common scams on these sites are offering goods at heavily discounted prices, the seller will usually ask the buyer to pay via bank transfer before the goods can be…

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