SHOPPERS are being warned ahead of Black Friday to look out for potential scammers masking behind fake emails to steal their information.

Individuals who choose to shop this holiday season have been advised to take all necessary precautions when purchasing online to avoid phishing schemes.


A hacker looking at codes on a phone in his hand, while another phone sits on top of a laptop displaying information


In a recent attempt to take advantage of holiday shoppers, a cybercriminal(s) attempted to impersonate Amazon, a popular shopping site, using a phony email, TechRepublic reported.

The hacker sent out emails, written in Japanese, and claimed to be from “Amazon. Urgent notice.”

The subject line, however, was written in English and stated “System Notification: Unfortunately, we were unable to renew your Amazon account.”


Through emails and texts linking to non-legitimate websites, hackers will attempt to obtain personal information like credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or account passwords, according to CNET

Phony websites trick shoppers into believing that they are being contacted by a company, ultimately leading them to provide their card information.

Shoppers may be fooled by emails showing an incorrect order, so it’s important to look out for attacks like this that will likely appear to come from big retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

It’s best to be wary of emails requesting payment method…

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