(WFSB) — American Eagle Financial Credit Union is alerting customers about a debit card scam.

Bank officials say American Eagle is one of several banks hit by a debit-card scam where thieves try to make purchases without the actual card.

According to a statement, some fraudulent charges were made but customer data is safe.

The bank is working on getting that money back into people’s accounts as well as issuing them new debit cards.

It also is sharing the following with customers:

  • American Eagle Financial Credit Union’s systems were not hacked or compromised. Our credit union monitoring system detected suspicious activity and was able to take action before larger or more widespread transactions could occur.
  • Member account information and data is safe and was not affected. Members who were affected by the scam will be reimbursed and debit cards will be reissued. No further action is required by account holders. We are working to manage the calls that are coming in and don’t want members to be frustrated and feel that they must take action to check – we are doing this work for our members.
  • This scam involves criminals trying to buy items when they do not have the card in hand. AEFCU discovered that beginning Saturday, October 30, there were a number of unauthorized charges and attempted charges to the accounts of some of our debit cardholders…

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