Amid COVID, overseas Filipinos must intensify vigilance against online scams  

OFW Forum 

Jun Concepcion

The COVID-19 pandemic may be easing in the Philippines and elsewhere, but online scammers are oblivious as they appear to be stepping up their bid to cheat  overseas Filipinos.

Numerous investment offers are being made online to overseas Filipinos to lure them into investing in a wide range of alluring products and services including beauty-enhancing products, health supplements and high-yielding investment instruments. These offers have a common goal: persuade overseas Filipinos to fork out investible funds and their savings into alluring products and investments no matter how murky they are.

Sadly and rightly or wrongly, overseas Filipinos seem to be regarded as easy and gullible con targets. This view is not entirely unfounded amid the continuing incidence of failed or soured investments reported in the traditional and social media.

Cases in point are an ex-OFW in Saudi Arabia amassed an undetermined amount of money from victims from that country and other parts of Middle East. The scam that he perpetrated was simple and straightforward, thereby boosting its mass appeal to unsophisticated investors. He offered a 10 percent monthly return on investments and it was gobbled up hook, line and sinker and it served as a sure-fire clincher. He quickly…

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