Antoine Dodson & his now late mother, Jennifer (Photo: TMZ)

*Let’s take a moment to send our condolences to Antoine Dodson who recently lost his mother.

For those who don’t know, Antoine Dodson became an internet sensation after going viral in 2010 for his “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” interview. He’s now reeling after the death of his mother and is asking for help to cover her funeral costs.

While speaking to TMZ, Antoine explained that his mom, Jennifer, sadly passed away Sunday at a hospital in Decatur, Alabama. It was a shock to Antoine and his family because he thought she was over some of her recent health issues. Dodson told the outlet that his mom began having problems with her leg back around the time he became famous, and had to have it amputated a few months ago. This caused an infection, leaving her in the ICU. Antoine thought she was getting better but got a call Sept. 12 that his mom had passed. He tells TMZ that doctors believe she died of heart failure.

Antoine says because of the pandemic, he’s strapped for funds and really needs help covering his mom’s funeral costs — especially because there was no warning. So, he’s launched a GoFundMe page for those who can chip in to help put her to rest.

As of Friday evening, over $10,000 had been raised. His original goal was $10,000.

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