This week we’ve found a large number of scams that you need to watch out for, including ones relating to Amazon, the IRS, PayPal, Ray-Ban, and MORE. Would you have been able to spot all the scams?

Is When We Were Young a Scam?

People online are wondering whether the When We Were Young festival is a scam. So, is it? Well, given the information available, the festival seems to be legitimate.

The event is hosted by Live Nation. مصدر

Ever since the lineup for the festival was released online, some people believed it to be too good to be true. The long list of performers meant presale tickets sold in only a few minutes.

However, some artists have مؤكد that they will be performing at the festival, which rules out the prospect of it being a complete scam. But whether the long and star-studded list of performers end up taking to the When We Were Young stage remains to be seen.

حيل الخداع

Impersonating famous brands, scammers send out fake text messages containing phishing links and try to entice you into opening them with various lies. So where do scammers want to take you to?

Phishing links will often lead to صفحات تسجيل دخول مزيفة that will end up asking you for your personal information and/or login credentials.

Amazon “Blocked” Scam

This is not the first time we’ve written about fake Amazon text messages. Falsely claiming that there are security issues with your account, scammers trick you into clicking the attached link so you can…

اقرأ أكثر…