In the last year, robocalls have skyrocketed nationwide. More than 58 billion calls in a year — 43% of those are considered scams.

ARIZONA, USA — Susan Steyaert did not need a vacuum.

She didn’t even want one.

But the man on the other end of the phone was persistent, keeping her on the phone and trying to get her to agree to an in-home appointment,

“[my number] was on the Do Not Call list,” Steyaert said. “I told him I was on the Do Not Call list. He really didn’t care.”

The call was from a vacuum cleaner company called Bright & Shiny, based in Sun City.

“Nothing that I said worked,” Steyaert said. “I really couldn’t get him to give up.”

Finally, she gave up and agreed to a sales appointment. The salesman spent hours in her house, she said, not leaving until he made the sale.

Steyaert said she finally bought the vacuum, just to get him out of her house.

She said she spent $1,800 for a…

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