Are you one of those people who have their favorite cozy spot in the room—but can’t seem to stay in it because your heating system doesn’t adequately warm you up? That’s the problem with most of us in winter; we end up shivering in our favorite spot, whether at home or work, due to lack of an adequate source of heat.

Hence the reason portable heaters are the latest rage. Why confine yourself to the range of bulky heaters when you can carry your own? However, choosing such a heating device is not a simple matter; you need to get the value for the price. One of the hottest debates around heating tech right now involves the Valty Heater.

Is Valty Heater Fake Or Genuinely Useful?

The heater is among the low-maintenance ceramic heaters worth less than $200 and is circulating throughout the US, Canada, and the UK. Like any other heating technology in the market that claims to provide more for less—whether in terms of cost, electric consumption, or heat output, the Valty portable heater to receiving considerable attention and mixed reviews.

Given the vast amount of online scams regarding products and services, make a wise decision. To assess whether or not the Valty Heater is worth the hype, we’ll take a look at its specifications.

What Does Valty Heater Offer

Here are the features that are advantageous should you choose to invest in Valty Heater:

Complete Portability

The Valty Heater is compact and lightweight, a little larger than your hand, and easy to carry around. You can take it from room to room in your home, outside at a café if you’re one for a change of scene for your work, and even keep it with you on a trip. Several Valty heater reviews say that it is more convenient than a bulky heater that you can’t be bothered to move around the house even though it’s freezing. At the same time, it’s light enough that it doesn’t add weight to your bag if you choose to carry it around.

Easy Power

Ditch the messy cables because Valty Heater does not require any. One of the features highlighted in the heater’s reviews is its ease of connection since direct wall plugging is not a trait in traditional heaters. The Valty heater does come with a plug with a UK plug, as complained about in the Valty Heater reviews Trustpilot. Look into a compatible adapter (as well as wattage conversion) if you are purchasing this product outside the UK.

Silent Mechanism

At a 30dB noise level, the Valty Heater may be one of the quietest heaters on the market. The heater is pretty much noise-free, even at higher temperature settings. This makes it ideal for study and work or when you want to relax as you get warm.

Insulated Plating

Encased in ceramic, the Valty Heater is a safe option for a portable heating device. One of the biggest concerns amongst users of heaters is that these devices heat up on the outside, and there is a possibility of harm from burning and sparks.

The built-in thermostat in the Valty Heater enables the users to keep an eye on the overall temperature and turn off the device if it indicates overheating. The ceramic plate itself does not get too hot, making it a safe heater to carry and keep in a crowded room, especially amongst pets or children.


Sure, actual fireplaces are charming, but you unknowingly inhale a lot of unseen ashes and carbon dioxide. Lightning wood or coal in a closed space, even with proper ventilation units, has specific health hazards. On the other hand, electric heaters such as the ValtyHeater are pollution free. Unlike traditional fireplaces, these have temperature settings, no impact on oxygen levels around you, and overheating-proof technology.

Reasonably Priced

At $69.99, the Valty Heater can be called an affordable heater, priced much lower than many other portable heaters you’ll find in the market. However, while the price is acceptable for a small heater, the value depends on whether it does its job well.

Other Valty Heater Features

The other features are advertised by the manufacturer, so only the actual long-term use is a solid ground for Valty Heater reviews. Take a look at some of the benefits the makers claim that the heater offers you:

Quick-Heat Solution

Ever stepped out of a cold shower and immediately craved some warmth? Most heaters take a ton of time before getting you toasty warm. Therefore, it goes without saying that any heater that claims “quick heat” sounds like a dream, especially in ultra-cold areas.

According to the manufacturers, ValtyHeater starts working rapidly, the built-in fan enabling the heat to circulate around the room. The reason advertised behind this quality is the use of ceramic oil that allows the mechanism to generate heat faster than other portable heaters available.


The Valty Heater’s wattage is a matter of concern, specifically from a power consumption perspective. The heater has two power settings: moderate heat (at 600 Watts) and high heat (at 1200W). A traditional large heater is usually 1500W, and if you’ve had one, you’ll know how much power it consumes and the contribution it makes to your electric bills.

Here’s the leading cause for the division amongst Valty Heater reviews. At 1200W high heat setting, the Valty Heater comes pretty close to the power consumption of a standard heater, which is why it is hard to believe it is truly energy efficient.

Although there is a lower 600W setting, you can opt for exactly how well it heats the room is the concern. Would the low setting suffice to stay warm in chilly temperatures, or do you need the high setting all the time? Moreover, does this mean that the Valty Heater is truly cost-efficient or just another power-hungry heating device?

To get a clear idea of what the heater offer and whether it is worth the investment, make sure to look around for a Valty heater review online.

Valty Heater Reviews

There are minimal user reviews of the heater online, and the present is a mix of appreciation and disappointment. The Valty heater Trustpilot reviews consist of complaints about the technology’s UK plug settings, making it a hassle and a potential electric shock danger for users in the US. Other users in Valty heater reviews Trustpilot have concerns about the heater’s lack of proper branding and safety inspection checks.

Besides Valty Heater Trustpilot feedback, many users online have their opinions and test-based feedback. Some give the price a nod of approval but at the same time have shown their doubts about the heater’s energy-saving potential. Given that there is no apparent power consumption and conversion provided by the manufacturer, people are unsure what impact it has on their power bills.

Valty Heater – What’s The Verdict?

Is the Valty Heater fake or real as a solution to compact, energy-efficient heating?

There are many people who can benefit from this heater. The portability feature makes it great for people with limited space in their homes or who prefer changing the environment for work-from-home jobs. It is also ideal for studying and working in winter without the whirring noise breaking the peaceful atmosphere. For people looking for heating on a budget, the Valty heater may prove to be an effective solution.

On the other hand, the safety and power consumption remains a mystery till actually tested. Heaters require proper ventilation and cooling mechanism, and the Valty portable heater’s build leaves its security questionable. More importantly, the energy-efficiency aspect is also doubtful.

To avoid a scam, consider your needs and look for Valty Heater review and feedback online rather than relying entirely on advertised claims.

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