Scammers call, claim they can ‘refund’ large credit card purchase

If there is one thing you can count on, even as the holiday season approaches, is that scammers are after your money.

The Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is warning Ohioans about another scam making the rounds and this time the scammers are claiming that they are from Apple, Amazon or PayPal to get your cash.

Yost said the scammers call out of the blue and saying that a large purchase has been charged to your credit card and they are going to help you resolve the situation. That isn’t how the companies do business.

“Legitimate companies don’t do business this way, so just hang up,” Yost said. “These impostors want to get you on the line and cause panic so you cough up personal information. My hope is that you will answer by ending the call.”

According to Federal Trade Commission, various Amazon impersonation scams — many involving claims that a consumer has ordered an expensive product or service — are filling phone lines throughout the country.

The “representative” then persuades the consumer to give him or her remote access to the consumer’s device so the “representative” can issue a “refund.” Instead, the scammer gains access to the consumer’s personal identifying information.

In a variation of the scam, the fraudster persuades the consumer to buy gift cards as a way of “stopping” the unauthorized purchase.

On Amazon’s website, company guidelines…

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