The internet connects billions of people from around the globe. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to communicate with people through social media and other electronic means was a big positive.

However, some take advantage of others online in an effort to scam people out of money.

David Croft, chair of the cybersecurity, blockchain and cryptocurrency practice groups at Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis in Woodmere, and Dan Powell, managing attorney with Minc Law in Orange, said there are many ways hackers and scammers take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

Croft said during COVID-19, there were hackers coming out of the woodwork to use the pandemic to their advantage. When everybody went remote, there weren’t very many protections in place to handle that much bandwidth or that much remote work. And therefore, a lot of people were getting hacked very easily.

Another situation he cited was when scammers got information from business owners that were hoping to get a Paycheck Protection Program loan. Business owners were quick, Croft said, to send their information to people during their time of need.

“Any kind of major event is going to make it that much more attractive for the scammers and hackers to take advantage of individuals,” Croft said. “Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other holiday, scammers are going to…

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