Cruel Australia Post scam targets online shopping-loving Aussies – here’s how to make sure you don’t get caught out

  • Scam text messages circulate asking customers to reschedule missed deliveries 
  • The SMS sends a link asking for personal information or to download malware
  • Scammers pose as AusPost, FedEx & other delivery companies to trick Aussies
  • Australians lost over $851m to scammers last year & $62.1m in shopping scams

Crafty criminals have been targeting unsuspecting Australians with a tricky text message scam as online shopping booms during lockdown

According to the ACCC victims of the ‘parcel post’ scam receive an unsolicited email or text message from a scammer posing as Australia Post, FedEx or another delivery company. 

Messages contain a link either directing the customer to enter their personal details or prompts them to download malicious malware that sucks passwords, contacts and banking details from their phone.

Jayson Gali is the latest shopper to fall victim, after he received a text message notifying him his package could not be delivered, assuming it was legitimate.   

Jayson Gali fell victim to scammers after he clicked on a link from a scam…

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