Speaking at a press conference Tuesday, Morrison said his government would achieved net-zero by 2050 “the Australian way” by balancing the risk of climate change without damaging the economy.

“Australians want action on climate change, they’re taking action on climate change but they also want to protect their jobs and their livelihoods,” Morrison said. “Our plan charts a uniquely Australian way that recognizes the challenges … It’s a fair plan, it’s a practical plan, it’s a responsible plan.”

But experts said the plan lacks detail about how Australia will achieve net zero by 2050 and fails to drastically reduce or end Australia’s mining of fossil fuels, a major revenue earner for one of world’s biggest coal exporters.

In Tuesday’s long-awaited announcement, Morrison touted the country’s achievements, saying it had already achieved a 20% reduction in emissions since 2005, as he laid out plans as to how the remaining 80% will accomplished through existing policies and new, as yet undeveloped technologies.

Of the total, 40% will come from Australia’s “Technology Investment Roadmap” announced by the government last year, which includes a $20 billion investment in low emissions technologies by 2030.

Another 15% will come from “global technology trends,” including livestock feed supplements and low emissions cement, and further 15% will come from “further technology breakthroughs,” including negative emissions technologies yet to be developed.

It’s envisaged the 10-20% will come…

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