The police force in Aylesbury is warning residents to remain cautious after a growing number of similar scams have been reported locally.

The Aylesbury Vale policing team says there has been a rise in fraudulent criminal activity in car parks.

Offenders are taking advantage of public parking areas which encourage card payments by posing as inspectors.

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Bank card scams in car parks are becoming more common, the police say

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said: “Offenders are asking the public if their PINs are working on the machine and confusing them to cause a distraction, then using a device to remove funds from their card.

“If you are paying for parking, please be mindful of your surroundings and possible distractions while you purchase your ticket.

“For further information about how to keep yourself safe from fraud, you can find guidance here.”

Among the advice the Thames Valley Police is reiterating online are instructions on how to avoid passing on private information.

A spokesperson said: “Your bank and the police will never ring and ask you to verify your PIN, withdraw cash or purchase high-value goods. They’ll also never come to your home to collect your card, cash or purchased items. If you get a call like this, end the call.

“If you get a call from your bank or the police, make sure you know who the person is before handing over any personal details. You can do this by calling your bank (the…

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