SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) — New cases keep coming into 7 On Your Side about a nationwide scam using the Zelle quick payment app to swindle Bank of America customers.

This has been one of the most-read stories on our website since Michael Finney broke this three weeks ago. More and more victims are saying 7 On Your Side is their only hope for getting their stolen money back.

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7 On Your Side is now hearing from victims all across the country, their bank accounts were drained in seconds but the bank would not refund their money until they came to 7 On Your Side.

Claudia Rivera of San Jose was home with her kids when a text came in, saying, “Bank of America security. Did you use your debit card for these transactions…” including a $3,500 Zelle payment.

“When I saw the text message, right away I freaked out,” she said. “I was shaking. I was like no, I never did those transactions.”

She replied “no,” and her phone rang. The caller ID said Bank of America.

“This person told me someone was trying to scam me… he could help me out to get those funds back,” Rivera said.

The man told her to open the Zelle app and quickly transfer $3,300 to a safe place. It was all the money she had.

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“By doing that, I could get my money back,” Rivera said she was told.

The man said to use her own email to transfer the money so…

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