HOPKINS, Mich. (CBS) — Twenty years ago, Barbara Edwards boarded American Airlines Flight 77.

Her life ended a short time later in a fireball in the Pentagon.

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This is an untold story of the Pentagon – like the many untold stories amongst the literal hundreds to stories of World Trade Center loss. It’s a story that involves the family of CBS 2’s own Brad Edwards.

In the middle of Michigan farmland at Lakeview Cemetery – where there’s no lake in view – there is a headstone, with a date on it.

That date is Sept. 11, 2001. Beneath the headstone lies Barbara Edwards, who is buried alongside her parents.

(Credit: CBS 2)

Barbara Edwards died in a fireball. Despite what clichés tell you about the passage of time, it still burns.

“It’s just a big hole that’s remained there,” said Barbara Edwards’ son, Scott. “It’s never been, that’s never even closed a little bit.”

Scott’s son, Scott Jr., is the only grandson Barbara would know.

Scott Edwards, Scott Edwards Jr., Barb Edwards

Scott Edwards holding his son, Scott Edwards Jr., with Barb Edwards on their right.

Brad Edwards: “Do you remember her?”

Scott Edwards Jr.: “No.”

Brad Edwards: “That’s sad.”

Scott Edwards Jr.: “Yeah.”

Scott Edwards Jr.

Scott Edwards Jr.

Scott Jr. has no recall of Barbara’s bear-hugs and big kisses. But there’s someone else who does very well.

Years earlier, Barbara offered those same big hugs and kisses to another Edwards baby boy. That baby boy was Brad…

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