The pandemic and potential supply chain shortage isn’t stopping consumers from celebrating Halloween.

The National Retail Federation expects people will spend $10.14 billion, up from $8.05 billion in 2020. Among Halloween celebrants, 66% plan to buy candy, 52% plan to purchase decorations and 46% will get costumes.

Those numbers can seem daunting for a single day, especially when watching the family budget, however, there are ways to keep the fun stylish and on budget. Better Business Bureau recommends the following tips this Halloween:

Look around your home

Check your closet. There are hidden surprises to throw together a killer costume. Doing this will not only help save money but save space too.

Rent a costume

If the idea of spending money on buying a costume isn’t quite appealing because it will only be worn once, consider renting. Renting a costume leaves room in the budget and it truly is only temporary. Research rental companies on, check the store policy regarding trying on costumes, inspect the condition of the costume and read the rental agreement carefully before signing anything.

Buy in bulk

It may seem counter-intuitive, but buying more can save you money. Buying in bulk lessens the cost per item and per ounce. This can be especially handy on a night like Halloween, when there might be more trick-or-treaters out this year….

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