A warning was issued for a supposed Louisville-based organization, Century Post. Reports sent in were about personal information and were never paid for work.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Louisville, southern Indiana and western Kentucky has issued a fraud warning of an employment scam. 

The warning was issued for a supposed Louisville-based organization calling itself, Century Post. The BBB says the organization claims to be a logistics company offering listings for work-from-positions that involve receiving and reshipping packages. Listings for the scam were found on job searching websites like Indeed and Monster. 

Multiple individuals have reported to BBB that after accepting a position with Century Post, they were required to submit paperwork containing personal information and have never received payment from the company. 

“There were several people who have reported the Century Post scam and what they have done is give their personal information,” President and CEO of BBB Louisville, Reanna Smith-Hamblin, said. “They thought they had a job putting together packages, gave their information, and now they have been scammed.”

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