Nashville, TN – With a dose of flattery and an invitation to an exclusive event, scammers hope you’ll pay to attend a conference that doesn’t exist. Numerous women have reported receiving phony invitations to the “Women’s Leadership Summit.”
How the Scam Works
You get an email from a woman who says she reviewed your LinkedIn profile and found it interesting. She thinks you would be an excellent fit for an upcoming Women’s Leadership Summit in your state.

One consumer looked into the event and discovered that scammers are using the name of a real person who organizes conferences and events, which makes the message seem legitimate.

If you reply to the email, you will receive a link for a “Women’s Leadership Summit” near you. This website has more information about the conference. Some of the speakers featured are high profile! One recent event allegedly included a talk from the CEOs of Apple, Netflix, and Whole Foods. However, the speaker photos, titles, and bios are simply stolen from other websites.
Without giving many specific details about the event – not even the price – you’ll be prompted to enter credit card information to participate. If you enter your details, scammers will charge your card and get access to information, such as your company’s phone number and address.

How to Avoid Event Scams:

  • Research events before you opt in. Search the event name online and look for reviews and comments from people who have already…

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