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Be wary of Christmas light drive-thru ads in Grand Blanc Township

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) – Creasy Bicentennial Park will not be hosting a drive-thru Christmas lights display again this year, despite what you may see on Facebook.

The Grand Blanc Township Parks and Recreation Department says several fraudulent Facebook ads are circulating to drum up interest in the Christmas lights display, which will not take place this year. Instead, the township is bringing back its popular Christmas tree lighting event on Dec. 3.

Township Parks Director Patrick Linihan said a fake event listing that appeared on Facebook last year has resurfaced, along with several other fraudulent advertisements not sanctioned by the township.

One of the ads appears to be from Bangladesh while another is requesting credit card information in exchange for a way to view the Christmas lights virtually.

Linihan said township officials have flagged the fraudulent ads to Facebook’s attention, but the social media giant hasn’t removed all of them yet.

He asked anyone who sees an ad circulating on Facebook for a Christmas lights drive-thru event to point out in the comments that it is fake.

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