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Bellevue Police warns of new cybercrime scam

BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) – The Bellevue Police Department issued a warning on Thursday telling people about the newest scamming trend.

Bellevue PD’s warning came via Facebook and says the newest trend in cybercrime is for scammers to use real people in fake call centers.

Police say the scam starts with an email that appears to be an invoice for a very large purchase without a description but lists the payment amount six times. If you were to call the number in the email, a ‘representative’ happily offers a refund – but they’ll need your bank or credit card information.

Officials warn it’s a scam.

Even if you talk to a real ‘representative,’ it’s a scam.

Police urge those that are concerned about an unauthorized charge to contact their bank directly instead.

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