BEMIDJI — The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office released information on Friday morning related to a scam with automated calls hitting the Bemidji area.

“The call indicates the U.S. Border Patrol and Customs intercepted a package with your name on it and you need to press 1 to talk to them,” the release said. “These calls are coming from local Bemidji phone numbers. These calls are being spoofed, meaning the number is manipulated and could be coming from anywhere.”

Residents are warned that if these types of calls are received, disconnect immediately and do not provide any personal information.

“In some of these scam calls, when citizens do connect with these scammers, they say to call local law enforcement to verify and the local police department is coming to arrest them as an intimidation tactic,” the release continued. “The Beltrami County 911 center is fielding dozens upon dozens of calls from concerned and alarmed citizens.”

Residents are asked not to call 911 to report this scam, simply disconnect and do not provide any information.

“We know that these calls are annoying, they are calling our phones as well,” the release said.

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