Kitt Letcher with the Better Business Bureau said scammers are always finding new ways to phish people’s identity and steal their hard-earned money.

Letcher said they’ve seen a lot of reports of fake businesses asking for payment in gift cards.

“We need to make a payment, but I want you to pay in iTunes gift cards,” Letcher said.

Letcher said this type of interaction is a red flag.

“There’s no business that operates off of iTunes gift cards.”

It’s important to also stay away from businesses asking for money right before service has been completed, especially those you didn’t initiate contact with or you are not actively working with.

Scammers are also pros at making fake online websites that do not exists.

Letcher said do your research on any business you are working with or looking to buy something form. 

“If you are contacting a website and they don’t actually have a contact page,” Letcher said, as one example of a common red flag.

QR codes can also be a problem, making you think you are working with a legitimate organization, but that’s not always the case.

Letcher said often businesses will lead the victim on with a QR code.

“[It] takes them down a rabbit hole of utilizing a service that is completely fraudulent.”

Letcher said they see people of all ages getting scammed and a lot of times it’s the younger population because they are not being skeptical enough.

“They don’t ask enough questions, so they fall victim without realizing it,” Letcher said.

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