Nov. 19—BEVERLY — Beverly police are investigating after a resident fell victim to a new version of the “grandparent scam” and handed nearly $13,000 to someone posing as a bail bondsman.

The resident, who is not being identified by police, received a call from someone claiming to a lawyer for a relative who had supposedly been arrested.

The caller claimed that he needed $12,800 to post bond for the relative, and would send a bail bondsman to collect the cash, police said in a press release on Friday.

A man posing as the bondsman came to the victim’s door and after being given the money, made a phone call, telling the victim he was on the phone with a judge and told them “everything was in order” for the relative to be released.

Beverly Police Detective Shawn Desmond is investigating. Police encourage anyone with information about this or similar incidents to contact him at 978-720-7744.

Police said they’ve heard of several similar reports across Massachusetts recently.

The “grandparent scam” has been around for a number of years. It got its name from the fact that the scammers tend to target older people likely to have grandchildren. The scammer will claim that the grandchild has been arrested, or involved in an accident, and needs money.

What’s new in this instance is that the scammers sent someone directly to the victim’s home to collect the money. .

In July, the FBI issued a public warning about the trend. The Internet Crime Complaint Center logged 650 complaints from…

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