Financial insecurity, isolation and a pandemic with a death toll now approaching 700,000. Rarely have senior citizens had so many worries. To this we must add the growing number of scams that are being perpetrated upon them by con artists.  

As is often the case during difficult times, these lowlifes have been working overtime, ripping off seniors any way they can. What makes them even more evil is the creativity and resourcefulness that they bring to their “job.” 

“During the pandemic, we witnessed new scams that involved masks, non-FDA approved medical supplies, immunity boosting products, and equipment through online purchase scams relating to COVID19,” says Vee Daniel, president and chief executive officer of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of upstate South Carolina.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Testifying before Congress last week, she said “We have also seen fake websites, phishing emails that involved stimulus checks, price gouging, scammers impersonating government agencies like Medicare, and promoting fake vaccines. We have also seen an increase in romance scams during COVID-19.” 

Vaccinations can guard against COVID-19 itself, but sadly there’s no shot that can protect us against these predators. The pandemic, which is raging again—U.S. deaths are now back over 2,000 a day—has increased isolation for millions, making them ever more vulnerable to scams that arrive daily in the mail, online or by phone. 


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