Critics in Texas say President Biden is going against his promise to halt construction of the Trump border wall.


President Biden has been criticized by people in both parties for his handling of the border. On the day he took office in January, he signed a proclamation that paused construction of Donald Trump’s border wall. Since then, most of the barrier has been halted. But new construction has begun on 13 miles of border wall in Hidalgo County, Texas, to the dismay of some locals. NPR’s John Burnett reports.


JOHN BURNETT, BYLINE: Here along the twisting Rio Grande, just south of McAllen, crews began building a new border wall this summer, and it continues apace. Longtime anti-wall activist Scott Nicol thinks it’s great the Biden administration halted construction elsewhere along the 2,000-mile border.

SCOTT NICOL: They should stop building walls here, too. You know, people are losing their land for this wall. And the wall is completely useless both in terms of flood control and immigration enforcement.

BURNETT: We’re standing on a levee road one sweltering morning watching crews pour concrete into molds 18 feet tall. The wall will be topped with steel bollards six feet tall. They’re now calling them guardrails. Customs and Border Protection says this is not a continuation of Trump’s border wall. It’s actually a levee wall to patch the original earthen…

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