More information is emerging on a text scam that is hitting Kiwi phones en masse.

“It’s bigger than Ben Hur,” says a person immediately involved with official efforts to stamp out the scam says.

The Herald understands the Department of Internal Affairs has received a record number of complaints about a scam text purporting to be from a courier company. More than 56,000 people have forwarded the agency a copy of one of the texts of the past two days.

An official update is due later today.

The Government’s Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert NZ) is asking anyone who receives one of the scam texts (see examples below) to forward it to the DIA on 7726.

The scam messages ask the recipient to click on a link, then install the delivery app, which is actually a piece of malware called Flubot – which has been sweeping the world and reached NZ on Wednesday..

The scam texts have been sent to all models of phone, but Flubot can only infect those running Android software. Android powers Samsung phones, and almost every other model outside of Apple’s iPhone.

Cert NZ says Flubot attempts to steal your credit card information, banking passwords and other sensitive information, to enrich its makers, who have yet to be identified.

The malware also steals your phone’s address book, then uses it to send text messages to your contacts to perpetuate the scam.

“It sends itself to everybody in your address book,” says Paul Brislen, CEO of the…

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