🎯Im a long-term bull mainly because of the all fundamentals. And especially I don’t trust governments. The WHole world is on the fiat Ponzi scheme. Bitcoin is an escape from that slavery. Technically we are just about to break ATH after the 6 months pullback and re-accumulation.
Price respects the channels and it looks like we could reach the top of the short-term and long-term channel which will be cross at 220 000, that is as well the fibo extenstion.
This time institutions are in the game too. Let’s go Bitcoin !!

This is a pre-plan M, W, D, H4 Time-frames trends and Parallel Channels. I will execute on the M30 at the institutional level if all conditions are met.

βœ… Traders, you are welcome to share your charts, thoughts and questions lets discuss it.

Wish you a good hunt !!

Dave FX Hunter βš”


❗❗ This is Pre-plan

That means my view can change, depending on how the price will arrive at the level and what will be happening on the M30 in my level of interest for entry. Then I will decide if I will enter or not. So please don’t just blindly follow this. The FX market is a quickly changing environment and it requires full focus on the levels for the precise entry with low risk.


We are the only one…

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