Chhattisgarh’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alleged massive corruption occurred in the Bharatmala Project in the state which tunes up to Rs 300 crores.

While addressing a press conference at Raipur’s BJP office on Saturday, former Agriculture Minister Chandrashekhar Sahu and Vice President of Kishan Morcha Gaurishankar Shrivas jointly levelled serious allegations of siphoning of funds in the mega road construction of the Bharatmala project.

Sahu alleged that the Nexus of corrupt government officials, compensation mafia, land mafia and some Congress leaders hand-in-glove executed a mega scam of Rs 300 crores in Abhanpur Tehsil of Raipur in the name of implementation of the Bharatmala project.

“We have collected the evidence related to this mega scam, how the nexus of corrupt government officers and land mafia and patronage from Baghel government have defrauded the central government money by abruptly changing the land use,” Sahu said. By manipulating the data, the lands were acquired at an inflated rate, alleged the Minister.

The lands which were not even notified for the project were shown fit for land acquisition even the grasslands, and agriculture land and government lands status and the land uses were changed forging the documents.

The land on which the Union government has to pay Rs 1 crore as a part of compensation, the Central government paid for such a land Rs 18 crores, 18 times more than the genuine price, Sahu further alleged.

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