VADODARA: Mastermind of the black dollar scam, Shahid Navdekar, has reportedly duped many unsuspecting persons in different parts of the country.
Cops investigating the Rs 30 lakh fraud committed by Shahid, a resident of Mumbai, and three of his gang members, said he must have targeted people in different states.
“The modus operandi he used shows that he has got an expertise in such rackets. Shahid used to confidently introduce himself as a customs officer and convince his victims by his smooth talk. Though he claimed that he hasn’t cheated anyone else, investigations will reveal about his other frauds,” said a crime branch official.
The cops said that he has been ducking questions and his statements have been contradictory. “He has said that he committed the fraud as he had to pay his housing loan. But investigations revealed that he has an expensive SUV to his name. Shahid said that he doesn’t own it but the registration papers have his name as owner. He has been trying to fox the cops by giving confusing replies,” the official added.
A crime branch team will soon leave for Mumbai to gather more details about his background. Shahid told the cops that he had planned to commit the fraud after he saw some videos of black dollar scam executed by Nigerian gangs on YouTube. He came in contact with another key accused Bharat Gida, a resident of Amreli, during his business visits to the state.
Shahid and Gida, who has several offences registered against him, then…

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