Several retailers and e-commerce sites are running big holiday sales like Black Friday, which is the time when hackers remain most active and have their shopping scams ready. Following this, McAfee has issued a warning to users and given tips on how one can spot an online shopping scam.

How to spot an online shopping scam

Beware of fake emails/URLs

McAfee has also warned users to be aware of email addresses and URLs that look quite similar to addresses of legitimate companies and retailers. One might often see them in phishing emails offering great deals and the moment you click on them, they will lead you to scam sites that can then steal your login credentials, payment info, or even funds when you try to place an order through the fake site.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to visit the retailer’s official site and see if the deal is real. Users should be skeptical of any links they receive by email, text, or direct message. One can also use comprehensive online protection software that can help prevent your browser from loading suspicious sites and warn you of suspicious sites in your search results.

Closely inspect sites, apps

It is sometimes difficult to find out a fake site or apps, so one way to avoid counterfeit shopping apps is to go to the original source. Just go to the retailer’s website on your mobile browser and look for a link to the app from their website. Likewise, one should always stick to the legitimate app stores such as Play Store and App…

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