AS the holiday season approaches, scammers are likely to take advantage of Black Friday shoppers. Here are five ways to avoid getting scammed before Christmas.

Scams can happy any time of the year but the increase of online shopping during the holidays creates a breeding ground for get-rich-quick schemes. 


The holidays are the time of year where scammers are eagerly trying to steal your informationCredit: Getty
In some cases, it may be difficult to get your money back once you've been scammed which is why it's important know what scam looks like


In some cases, it may be difficult to get your money back once you’ve been scammed which is why it’s important know what scam looks likeCredit: Getty

When you get scammed, that usually means your money is gone for good. More importantly, your personal information could get stolen, leading to more trouble down the line. 

In order to protect your money and information from getting in the hands of scammers, you have to know what the common scams during the holiday season look like. 


Many people are buying gift cards instead of traditional gifts this year. Gift card spending is expected to go up 27 percent this holiday season.

“Scammers love gift cards because they are untraceable, and there’s no way to recover the money once a scammer has the card details,” said Jenny Grounds, CMO of Cybercrime Support Network.

The average gift card scam involves the scammer telling people to pay a fee with a gift card or pretending to be a family member who needs the money for a specific store. 

One in four people who report fraud to the Federal Trade…

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