Not every scam
I hear about is as real or widespread as you might think.

I regularly
receive panicked warnings on social media about some new virus or con game
that’s going around and while these might be inaccurate, I tend to think it’s a
good thing that people share possible dangers in order to protect each other.

That being said,
a friend recently sent me a questionable scam story that was doing the rounds
online and I thought it would be worth discussing how we can better understand
and assess potential threats.

The Stolen Handbag Scam

The online
warning had been passed around Facebook and Twitter about a new scam that was
targeting women who were living on their own.

The story went
like this:

A woman put
her purse (handbag) in the child seat of her shopping trolley. While walking
around the supermarket, someone waited until she was distracted then stole her
wallet from her bag.

noticing, the woman reported the theft and went home empty handed – but the
scam was far from over.

Later that
day, she received a phone call from security at the store who told her they’d found
the purse, though her money and credit cards were gone.

On returning
to the supermarket, security was baffled since they never found anything, nor
had they called the victim.

home, the woman found her house had been burgled; the bogus phone call merely a
ruse to get her out of the house.

An Unlikely Story

We saw a lot of…

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